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Hello, my Cabazon students and families!

I know we are all going through a difficult time right now and it can be scary at times. As the school counselor at Cabazon, I would like to extend my support to your students, along with your families as well. I will be giving access to videos, articles, and lessons that can provide skills and techniques that teach how to cope and handle our current situation with the coronavirus and the closures of schools. These resources will be provided on our school website under Cabazon staff and click counseling. Students will also have access to a socio-emotional learning (SEL) packet that is accessible under the counseling portion of our school website as well. I will do my best during our time off to update and add on to the website so that I am doing my best to support our Cabazon community. Please stay safe and healthy! You may email me at if you would like specific lessons or topics posted for you to be able to access for you and your students.

Best wishes, 

Jenica Barajas
Cabazon School Counselor
Books to Read About Germs and Hand-Washing:
Thank you!

Jenica BarajasSchool Counselor, M.A., PPS
Cabazon Elementary(951)-922-0252 ext. 311116
IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ. If this is an emergency, such as you or someone you know is suicidal or a danger to others, please speak to a school counselor or administrator immediately. If it is after school hours, please contact the police or dial 911.
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