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AVID, decades of college dreams

The 2018-2019 School year is going to be an exciting year for we are now going to be an AVID campus.  AVID is a school wide system that will prepare all students for college readiness and success/responsibility in a global society.  Through the use of WICOR to help enhance our curriculum and common core expectations, our school will be focusing on 2 of the 4 main components of AVID for this school year.

  • Organization: This will include: AVID binders, calendars/agendas, individual responsibility, and student success.
  • Note Taking: Students will be taught methods of 2 column and 3 column note taking that will increase information retention.

These first few steps in transitioning to an AVID Campus will prepare your child to be a better student as well as prepare them for life beyond our school doors. We look forward to seeing you at Back to School Night where you will receive more AVID information.




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Homework help in math and language arts

Homework help in math and language arts

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