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Banning Stagecoach Days. Please Join us for the annual Street Fair Tuesday, September 4th. 6:00-8:00pm.

Welcome to Cabazon Elementary School


Cabazon Elementary School Logo
Cabazon Elementary School

Cabazon School is preparing students for college and career readiness!

Banning USD Mission Statement
BUSD is a diverse community that collaborates to develop responsible, respectful, prepared students to achieve their full potential in a global society.

Cabazon's Culture of Universal Achievement 
We at Cabazon, believe that our students have the potential to be proficient in reading, math and writing.  We will strive to reach this goal by providing an environment that is nurturing, competitive and creative to meet the needs of our students.  We will inspire our students to discover their own potential worth and character as we prepare them for higher education.



 D-   Dare to dream, 
                               we can DO anything.               

           I-    Imagine your career, 
                        we can BE anything.        

      N-   No excuses, we're 
                            heading off to college          

               O-   Opportunity knocks and
                  we will answer           

                  S-   We're soaring to success, 
                  we're college bound!

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Everywhere we go,

people want to know,

Who we are,

so we tell them.

We are the Dinos.

The mighty mighty Dinos,

Dinos, Dinos, DINOS!

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box tops
Cabazon Elementary collects Box Tops everyday to help earn money for our school. 
Please click on the month for the Boxtop collection sheet for that month. Thank you for your Support!

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Cabazon is recycling Plastic Bottles and Cans!!!  Not only does recycling help our environment, it also helps Cabazon Elementary earn some money!  If you would like to bring any recycling please make sure it is in a plastic bag and NO GLASS!  Thank you for your continued support of our amazing school!
Acceptable Use Policy
An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) must be on file for students to use the internet at school. Most of our programs are web-based, and students will need access to the internet. Please ensure that you fill out the AUP and return to your students teacher. You can also click here to fill it out electronically.
Thank you and have a Dino-Mite Day!